Saturday, March 1, 2014


I am battling plastic wrap! I am battling plastic wrap FOR YOU! For you, because you're special. Many pieces of plastic wrap have been sacrificed in this epic struggle.

I have the fear children do when they present a drawing.... but I have the ingenuity of the artist who accepts that the medium sometimes chooses its form and subject.

I will succeed with the flavor of blue cheese.

Success is pungent.

Last Saturday, before the world fell apart, life was better than usual. Much better. It might have been the best preparation for the apocalypse. I made something new and tasty-- even that Alex liked. The weather was nice. We joked and skipped our way through grocery shopping. I even... *sigh* After denying a purchase request multiple times, then coming home, I finally authorized a bajillion Christmases, and Alex bought two of these:
I planted Spring (English) peas in the Eastern one, and I said, "We need to be sure and water them every day, and we need to check on 'em because they are going to spring up and go like crazy!" SO every day we go look at the peas... at least once. No more than eight times... so far. Honest.

Yes, I meant to plant them that close together. C'mon, I know what I'm doing.

I told Alex it would be really nice to send a dish of peas to church during Lent-- just lightly steamed to make them bright and shiny, maybe a pinch of salt, maybe not. So we look on the packet, and he says, "Seventy days to harvest! We can serve them after Lent with butter!" But the packet also says seven to fourteen days until germination, and on this seventh day, what we see is a might past what I'd call 'germination':

Obviously, this will be continued...

I'm sprouting some lettuce in an egg carton and will plant in the Western planter:

I have plenty more room in both after that, too! This is the black krim tomato in a kitty litter container, which continues to ripen. The plant has also put forth another bloom.

So here's the pruned cherry tomato plant, currently:
I think pruning was the right choice!! Here's from last Sunday:

Here's an update on the lemon plant (today/last Saturday):

A while back, (artisan, no less!) red onions went on sale so I bought a bag. Red onions are a treat. I had one sprout so I put it in with the scallions I'm growing:

The (eldest) blueberry bush has green growth and ... buds?  Left. It was hard to focus on that thin branch. My camera kept saying, 'Pictures of grass? Coming up!' Because inanimate objects speak to me... or Bird. Yeah a little Birdie was translating camera speak into dog. I know dog.

Kitty couldn't take it anymore! She heard the shutter clicking:
From left to right basil, succulent left from decorating the cross (forget why[Alex: Feast of the Holy Cross]) for the mission here (I'm trying my darndest to sprout what seems to be an immortal form of greenery. I've seen 'gel' and maybe maybe some root nubs, but the cats keep drinking the water!), Kitty, Greek oregano --just one lil' sprout under her paw. I have a ton in the front yard and can start anyone who wants a plant, though. Trotsky in particular likes to sit there and nibble the (far right) parsley of which you may be eating some tomorrow* so I've set up the barricade of the tiny pot and teacup in which... I think... are some cucumber and pepper seeds; though, we've failed to water them so no sprouts.


Mother of CAMO BEAR*, a distant relation to the panda

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