Wednesday, March 12, 2014

OW Vegan LOW CARB: Mashed "Potatoes"

Time is a-tickin'! No more lollygagging!

I'm starting on the Easter basket! We made our budget and shopping list for Easter this afternoon. It's less than I anticipated so I'm moving some money into Christmas. How nice! Remind me to talk shop later.

I like the color of the yellow one better, but I barely got everything to fit into the big brown one last year. --and last year, I split off a portion of everything in the little brown one for Loot Droppin' Ortho Lady.

Decisions... so hard. Okay, I'm going with the yellow one. I'll just put my foot down with Alex. No more five pounds of bacon in my basket! No more. Unless...

Unless, unless, unless...

It's a bunch of bacon roses! At which point, it has slightly toed over the line into acceptable... if it's coupled with my basil.

The cheese pyramid also takes up a lot of room.... I've investigated alternatives, but he's pretty wedded to this mold.

Oh cabbage is my friend. Cauliflower is my friend. Mushrooms-- those are friendly, too. Carrots are welcome anytime. Tomatoes, well I thought they were my friends, but I found out they're talking about me and the mushrooms-- behind our back!!-- to the cabbage, no less.

So I'm waiting for a carefully worded low-carb apology.

(Don't worry. We'll make up. Give it time.)

Mashed "Potatoes"
  • large head of cauliflower (730g)
  • 8 cloves of garlic, roasted (40g)
  • 1t black pepper
  • 2T nutritional yeast
  • scant 1/2c soft spread (e.g. Great Value Cardio Spread, Country Crock, 96g)
Cut the cauliflower into bite-sized pieces, including the stem. Steam until soft. Add remaining ingredients and mash, as you would potatoes usually.

Serving Size: 1/3c (77g)                               12 servings per recipe
67cal | 5fat | 4.7carb | 2protein | 1.8fiber | 55.7sodium Complete Nutrition Info
I made four TV dinners. Here, my mashed "potatoes" are topped with sauteed balsamic mushrooms and accompanied by (R-L) steamed cabbage topped with cayenne, homemade applesauce in a muffin tin liner, boiled carrots, corn leftover from church, and under the ketchup packet is a green bean and purple hull pea mix, light on the peas and heavy on the green beans.

321cal | 12fat | 48carb | 13protein | 15fiber | 149sodium
Notably: 152%B6 and 39%B12, 9%Ca 13%Fe

I find vitamin Bs a bit difficult from just plants. It's all from the [EDIT: nutritional yeast in the cauliflower mash, which was on an adjacent line to the] applesauce here. I'd note that an apple is only around fifty calories, while I'm at it.

While, I wouldn't call this a low-carb dinner, this is definitely comfort food. Tonight, however, I'm having shrimp on a bed of mashed "potatoes" (like grits a bit) with a side of sauteed green beans, which I believe will qualify as low-carb and high protein-- but likely lacking in some of the vitamins (and comfort) this dinner provides. The only seafood that I ate growing up was fried catfish at benefits... I'm adventurous, but shrimp will never be as satisfactory as a Southern Vegetable Dinner-- with a biscuit. ;)

A meal of eight shrimp, two and a half servings of mashed "potatoes," and 90g of green beans was
250cal | 14fat | 18carb | 15protein | 7fiber | 261sodium
Notably: 193%B6 and 61%B12, 11%Ca 19%Fe

I think mashed "potatoes" is a winner! I put cauliflower back on the list to make another batch next week. I also had some with salad, which you'll see in the OW VEGAN LOW CARB dressing entry.

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