Saturday, March 15, 2014

OFFICIAL WIFE: Has A Silly With a Syllable

I figured out how to access the stats for our blog! Saturday Divine Liturgy in Hattiesburg: An After-Action Report (AAR) has the most pageviews by a longshot. Everyone likes pictures. I told Alex he should do more like that. No one wants to show up and not know what to expect.

That would be AWKward.

It's like when native English speakers say maTOOSHka.

It's AWKward.

You should say MAHteshka.




maTOOSHka! "Kerzempteit!" ...Um... I think you mean gesundheit.

MAHteshka! Then some pretty lady says, "Yes, dahling?"

DAHling! Not dull-ing.

maTOOSHka! *everyone looks at this person AWKwardly* They think you're saying your tush 'ka's.. whatever that is. See how AWKward that seems? Tushes are AWKward.

I know. I have a degree in AWKward.

SU'PRISE: You are currently reading it.

maTOOSHka! Yes, I was that person. I feel your embarrassment. Give it to me. I will write it down and eat the paper. No one need ever know.


Now I'm imagining little baby chickens trailing behind me. They go *peep* with every step. *peep*... *peep*... *peep* They are pink baby chickens, Easter baby chickens.

*peep-peep-peep-peep-peep-peep-peep-peep-peep-peep* if you run.

Except now the little baby pink Easter chickens are saying, "MAH! MAH! MAH! MAH! MAH! MAH! MAH! MAH! MAH! MAH! MAH! MAH! MAH! MAH!" This is what you're signing up for when you enter an OW entry-- --and I'll guarantee a lot of people's pronunciation is soon to improve. ...

Remembering a certain pink baby chicken from an Easter long ago,

A Lady Who Has Cats... Vicious Vicious Cats

PS: I just realized that nowhere in this post is the actual vocabulary word. So, for that chick years from now who I'm writing this for, it's matushka, and you can read more broadly and my thoughts specifically.


  1. Most Orthopractical post yet! MAHteshka. Thanks, I needed that. ;)