Thursday, July 4, 2013

OFFICIAL WIFE: The Cookies Are More Than They Appear

--and the tomato pies.

The intertubes are not as commenty as I'd like. People are still learning how this works. People are scared, and I guess rightly so. "People are scared," is almost a mantra at this point. I wish there were less cause for the phenomena. The internet is no worse than real life, really. I wish people understood that. Wishes for fishes?

Still, I had a remark about some cookies. Evidently it meant something to someone so that's good.

I made these cookies again today because it's a holiday. I only baked three and put the rest of the dough in the freezer because we're fat.

--and I thought about --I guess-- my church family. You'll have to forgive me, just a bit, a tiny bit. I'm not Ortho. I even hope not to be Ortho, although I continue to consider it, and a child will make it very hard to deny. Still, I'm gonna call you my church family. I may not be on the roll, but there's names I could name who I call friends. It's more than rules as much as it is more than a building.

I am confident I know what Church is.

What is little c church? [and if you quote a saint, and they are less than genius in this particular quote, you are immediately disqualified in a made-up competition.][[but all responses will be gladly accepted]][[[And living people's opinions are favored]]]