Friday, February 7, 2014

OFFICIAL WIFE: Pre-House Blessing

Author's Note: You should read this entry in the voice of a squirrel.

I shall write to you, my friend, of the house blessing.

However it shall be after the fact.... because that would be awkward. I don't want to have to sit in a room with a guy that knows all the crazy stuff I'm doing to prepare for him to come over. Yeah. Majorly awkward...

Oh, I'm eating carbs for this! I had a fat free cheese whole wheat grilled sandwich for breakfast. Why do people even do illegal drugs? Just eat bread!

I could clean ten of my houses right now! Everyone should go on a low carb diet just so you can cheat on it.

So these things happen:

I'm laughing so hard. I just searched for "sticker chari scuff!" Anyway these things protect the floor, but they LOVE dog hair. Buuuut I said I was going to talk about the embarrassing stuff after the fact so check back later.

In other news, this year we will be serving biscuits with a take home of frozen biscuits. I haven't decided what I'm wearing yet, but I know it will be clean.


Love and cookies,

A Carb-Lovin' Woman


  1. They collect cat hair too. Ask me how I know.

    1. There's so much stuff you don't see until you're expecting company. More tomorrow! Alex hasn't read it, yet, but I think I have a good one drafted.