Monday, January 27, 2014

OFFICIAL WIFE: Greek American Culture

Poetry ahead! --and beeswax candles.

I stumbled across this on Pinterest. Did you know there are six thousand Greek words used by non-native speakers!??!!

My guy is officially Russian Ortho, goes to an Orthodox Church of America church, and he attended an Orthodox Antiochian church with his parents. However, Greek Ortho(s/doxy) stand out to me as a strain of Orthodoxy as much if not more than Russian Orthodox culture. For example, I said I liked the name Spyridon if I must be limited to certain conglomerations of the alphabet for the lifelong identification of my spawn, and that sentiment has repeatedly been a riot. I also view it as a girl's name which is even funnier. (We both like Dimitri, however.) It seems like there's a playful rivalry between Greek and Russian Ortho church attendees with a theme of the Greek church being kinda frilly. However, both churches are frillier than my ideal so I win! :)

I hope you enjoy the video:

To Be Greek from ivan silverberg on Vimeo.

Alex's Little Modern Day Cromwell

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