Monday, February 24, 2014

OFFICIAL WIFE: Tool might be helpful.

I put in cottage cheese, yogurt, brie, mushrooms(getting old), eggs, parmesan, chicken broth, parsley (plant needs trimming) and emphasized (required within the search) yogurt by licking on it. I mean, clicking on it. It came up with a buncha herbs that I added.

Then, I emphasized cottage cheese instead.

Looks like Tatziki sauce and cottage cheese pancakes. Anyone up for cottage cheese perogies? Never heard of that. --or is it pierogi.... or pirogi? Transliterate your recipes consistently folks! I demand this of the free resources available to me. Let's all take some pride in crowd-sourcing... Then, there's this, which is strangely appealing. Cottage cheese stuffed mushrooms. Cottage cheese stuffed crepes.

Oh, I recently created a dish appropriate for this---

Heat a square black iron skillet on high heat. Pour in Egg Beaters to make a thin layer. Remove from heat and let cook and cool. Transfer (by rolling, as you would a pie crust) the egg sheet to a cutting board and cut into four squares. Start heating up some crushed tomatoes, diced peppers, and salt. Mix cottage cheese, garlic powder, oregano together. Divide the cheese mixture between the four squares, arranging in a line along one edge, and roll up. Place adjacent on a dish, top with the tomato sauce, the add a slice of fat-free American style cheese. {I can't believe I just admitted to that in public. Let's just pretend the faux cheese didn't happen. It was freshly grated parm. You mistook it. It's your fault. If you tell a soul, I'll deny it. I'll go into the cheese protection program, and everyone will call me Esmerelda.

I always wanted a better name. My mom named me Tina so that I would be able to spell my name. Yeah, I don't feel very charitably towards her, having decided I was dumb before I was born. My brother's name is worse: Lee. Three characters long and only two letters. *Shakes head*

You can call me Fahima. Sassy owl sez---

To be fair, my father chose it because it means Christian. This aside is over.} So it's like low-carb low-fat high-protein stuffed manicotti. All jokes aside, it's actually quite good.

Love and cookies,


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