Friday, August 31, 2012

Surviving Isaac

We survived Hurricane Isaac, with nary a casualty but the burglary of our cars.

There was a spate of vandalism and robbery during the storm, and in Hattiesburg one murder.

But mercifully the city was spared the viciousness of the storm.  For once, we were as a community prepared and working together.  Already the city is back to normal, and we seem to have once again been spared the worst.

Tomorrow is Indiction, the beginning of the liturgical year.  In Hattiesburg, we will be serving Divine Liturgy at the Holy Cross Mission, located in the chapel behind Sacred Heart Catholic Church.  We are so blessed to have the kind assistance of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Biloxi and Fr. Ken Ramon-Landry and the parish of Sacred Heart.  Without their assistance, it would not be possible to engage in our small but growing ministry.

Two weeks from today is the feast of the Holy Cross.

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  1. It is refreshing to see, in some small part, the Church working together for local churches. You almost don't want to speak of it for fear that some political mess will occur and destroy the fragile balance... --but you want to tell people, because we are advancing!