Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lunch during the fast

Beloved Official Wife ("OW") Tina has prepared three bag lunches for the first three days of August.  Today, I had peanut butter and honey on ciabatta, with a pickle spear, about 150 grams of carrot sticks, and half a peach.

I am a tremendous foodie.  I love food, and I am slowly turning OW Tina into a foodie.  But we don't need to be concerned about losing food while we fast.  Fasting is an opportunity to appreciate the simple, good flavors of fresh vegetables, fruit, and traditional bread and nuts, to restore our health by fleeing foods that inspire the gluttonous passions and pursuing the foods that help us be healthier.  But always we seek the supernatural sustenance provided by Christ, besides which all other food pales.

OW Tina has also prepared a favorite snack: hot wing flavored roasted almonds.  Noms!

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