Saturday, September 1, 2012

OFFICIAL WIFE: Isaac (curse word included)

We survived. We overreacted, over prepared. We-- and I mean that in a very large multi-state way-- are damaged goods. The positive effect is we got bit once, so we know to put on gloves.

I am very glad that the issue of the media's omission of Mississippi during this and Katrina has come up. I was afraid to mention it, but there are so many others who think the same thing. Katrina hit Hattiesburg-- and hundreds of miles around. In fact, Katrina hit Hattiesburg straight on, not New Orleans. New Orleans flooded. I was here in Hattiesburg for the eye, but that little dot with wings that the weathermen show is only the center of a very very big storm. I urge you to cross-reference with radar. So much more land is affected.

New Orleans is a major city where lots of fun may be had. New Orleans is our Las Vegas. Still, a human is a human. The focus on NO was wrong. The news workers should strive to give accurate reports including all relevant happenings. To them I say, "You're not making reality TV. There's a difference. Have pride." As a consequence of the public opinion that resulted from their reports, many grants are only available to the three counties of Mississippi on the coast. I work with a charity that repairs houses for those in our area who cannot make repairs themselves-- disaster, age, accessibility mods and otherwise. I started this job right after Katrina when we did a lot of roof work, and the consensus by grant givers is that our area was not affected by Katrina. WE WERE HIT BY THE FUCKIN' EYE.

Everyone- right now-- stop watching the news. Never watch it again. Talk to actual people, please. Entertainment news is such an awful thing.

Back to present day... Flooding, not winds, is the biggest cause of damage for Isaac. McComb, where Alex's church is, was actually evacked well after the storm due to flooding. I have no reports. My church contacts are in Hattiesburg and Jackson. I urge you to rely on personal contacts for information rather than the media.

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