Saturday, August 18, 2012

OFFICIAL WIFE: Blog Status Update

I will tell you many things in this post.

#1 The most popular post so far is Saturday Divine Liturgy in Hattiesburg: An After-Action Report (AAR) (and if you're reading this, and haven't read that post, I hope you'll add to that number).

#2  I have eight posts in draft status. Alex just up and posts. I draft *and re-draft and re-draft (return to asterisk). Well, Alex has one in draft status. Some of my drafts will never see light.

#3 The next OFFICIAL WIFE post-- if all goes according to plan-- will be the reconstructed "Matushka, Deconstructed," in which we shall get all feministy on you-- and I may talk about cookies.

#4 I have now defeated three dragons, and I know where a fourth is. While Alex is at church, I shall confront this dragon.

#5 I am contractually obligated to shout, "BISHOP OF ROME!" every time Alex mentions the pope, which is often.

#6 I'm makin' this for church this week.

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