Friday, August 3, 2012

Divine Liturgy tomorrow

I picked up two music stands today from Mississippi Music, Inc., of Hattiesburg, on 39th Avenue.  As always, the service was excellent, and the experience delightful.

I have been trying to build folding wooden analogia for church to display our small collection of icons, but unfortunately, I've lacked both motivation and a plan..  When we finally have a space that can accommodate it, I will be donating a number of my icons to the mission.  Until then, however, we will be prominently displaying our icons on these music stands, which also stand in as our iconostasis.

On the Friday before our divine liturgies, we set up the chapel by moving the pews around and cleaning the church.  It only takes about fifteen minutes; in the spirit of deconstruction, it's easier to push the pews against the walls than to put them back together in their appointed order.  Especially with people standing around and jibber-jabbering in the nave.

I do so much look forward to our Divine Liturgies in Hattiesburg.  For one thing, it means I don't have to spend over two hours in the car just to go to church.  Additionally, it is always a blessing to see our community in Hattiesburg worshiping together.

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