Thursday, April 3, 2014

OFFICIAL WIFE: Projects... so Many Projects

"Man, all of my crafting stuff is all over the table. I should put stuff up."

"No, that's okay. Just leave it there." Ladies, I think we have a keeper!

I found this and this and combined them.
I made the ombre (gradient) one (far left) first. I think blue ombre is really in. I am so up on fashion (not). Then the next one I wanted to re-use the raffia from the packaging the candles came in. It's really too bright for me. I wear four colors: black, white, brown, green. Two years ago, I added a maroon shirt and a pink shirt, but I'm not sure I like this. Then, I was uninspired and just wrapped a solid blue (far right), but I later used some pink embroidery thread to add starbursts securing the end with a border of pink at the top. Then I made the green one. The thing-I-hope-looks-like-a-tree is part of a pair of earrings Alex got me just because he loves me. That day, I lost one earring! No joke. So I kept the one I had. The green one is going onto the Easter basket. We only bought four candles, but Alex, without prompting, ran into another room and pulled out some more. I find this mysterious and questionable.... but I will decorate these old ones, too. It goes so fast. You're just like wrap-a wrap-a wrap-a wrap-a wrap-a and Bam! I spent more time thinking about what to do than doing it.

Or course Kitty bit the tip end of the green one, but we can fix that. Alex can use his warm hands to mush it back, or I'll just burn it down to that point.

Since we're not buying meat and cheese, we have a lot of money left in the grocery budget and got some fingerling potatoes. Some sprouted, and I saved a few of the ones further along to plant next to the lettuce. They will sit here in a jumble until I feel like planting them.

Alex got me a *real* freshwater pearl bracelet because he loves me. I broke it. (Sensing a theme?) I wore it a while first, though. I've tried to buy some elastic to remake it, but I can't find any small enough. I eventually found this. What you see is me trying to do it without glue and eventually buying glue.


Can you have too many?

We now have three bushes-5yr, 2yr, and just now as ordered. They're just $6 each at the farmer's market, a long term investment.

The volunteer lettuce that's icky. Did you know that commercial growers bind romaine lettuce? That's why mine looks different and never seemed to mature. If you pick it as it goes (recommended), the inner stem gets taller and taller. Romaine lettuce as we see it in stores is a Fakey McFakerson.

My dad should have mowed the yard every weekend, in our little world, but everything we owned was secondhand and breaking constantly. Since he was a mechanic, he kept making cars and mowers and air conditioners work, but he didn't always have time to fix them. This meant sometimes the grass got high which, in turn, meant I'd go pick a bunch of these for the table.
I think it's impressive that there are so many petals and so tiny petals.
This is the corner with the dewberries that I asked Alex not to mow. While they're blooming (and once they're red), I'll be on the lookout for dewberry plants. I spotted three more plants along the sidewalk on my way home yesterday.
A dewberry is like a blackberry, but it grows on a ground-level vine instead of on a bush like a blackberry. They are also smaller. The bigger white blooms (below) are what to look for if you're foraging for dewberries. Little red blackberry-lookin' berries are easy to spot as well. Just mark where they are and keep checking back. The smaller white flowers are false garlic because they look a bit like garlic but aren't. They're just grass or weeds to me, but I know one man's weed is a another's plant.

Where I'm from there's a common joke:
What's the difference between a weed and a plant?

You water a plant.

That's folk wisdom for ya.

Somebunny may have been right about the peas not being ready in time. It's tall enough to expect blooms, but I see no blooms. From bloom to fruit takes time so I concede this argument... but only this one! In all other things, I am correct... right? ;-P

Oh, B. Sometimes you just need a stick:

This is what we do with all the time that Alex is away on business, social, and/or church stuffs.

After a while she'll settle down like this and chew.

Although Alex hates azaleas and has killed several of ours, he seems to be admiring these overgrown ones by the door.

We also have a pink variety elsewhere from the Old Lady Before Me. I wonder about my yarrow and my monkey grass borders and the volunteer lettuce and my rosemary and my blueberry bushes. Will the lady after me like them and will she eradicate them in order to impose her own will on the yard?

A Lady Who....

is me


  1. Hates azaleas??? What is the world coming to?!

    1. To be fair, Alex has 'very bad' allergies... He's getting weekly shots now so perhaps that has allowed him to enjoy them more. Still, there are plans to severely prune them. mwahahhaha