Thursday, April 10, 2014

OFFICIAL WIFE: Cheese Pyramid

Every year Alex's mom makes a lemony pound cake in a coffee can that we put in the Easter basket. Every year I make a butter lamb which we put on sliced and toasted slices of said cake and eat for breakfast. Every year Alex makes a cheese pyramid.

So whereas for the house blessing I say things like--
Tell me as soon as you know when the house blessing will be so I can start getting my act together and take the day before off work.
Don't forget your lists! Write your lists! (of living and dead people)
Shouldn't we buy some heavy cream?
Decide what you want me to cook.
 Around Easter I say things like--
What're we putting in the basket? Let's make an Easter budget!

What're we eating for Easter feaster? Let's make a shopping list!

When do you need to start your cheese pyramid? Have you started your cheese pyramid, yet? It's Tuesday-- time to start your cheese pyramid! :)
Behind every nag, nag, nag is a constant lowing ewe... I mean LOVING ewe.
The reason I say things like this is... Well, let's just say we haven't always been on time.

Why is it Pascha and not Pascha Cheese? Is the cheese like, the thang? Is it Thanksgiving:turkey;Easter:cheese?

We interrupt this important blog with a groundbreaking idea: We can put the CHEESE on the TOAST! *mind blown*

Love and onigiri,

A Lady Who Didn't Have to Reschedule the House Blessing This Year!

PS: Because I care: Pascha. If you say pasha people will look at you... and you will melt.

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