Monday, June 2, 2014

OFFICIAL WIFE: Laundry, How Exciting!

"Wow! We finally finished putting up laundry!"

"Only to get ready to do it again next week!"

After a moment I said, "You do know how some define insanity..." Laundry can drive you insane. Bewarned. Stawp. Bathing. NOW.

You see that trail up above? I'd like to say that I don't use an electric dryer, but no... That's exactly what it looks like; it's a dog run.
I've always wanted a laundry line. As a kid, I tried to make them. Some lines worked for a bit, but I just didn't have the know-how and resources to make something substantial. My parents were not in favor and viewed it as something akin to tent making-- which my brother and I did as well. I eventually convinced my dad that I really wanted a clothesline, that I'd hang it all up (I already did the lion's share of folding.), and that it'd save him money.

We talked about it again and again. He wanted me to pick a spot, then he'd set some poles in concrete. I was firmly against putting concrete in the ground. It reminded me of nothing except setting up a mailbox. It seemed so permanent. He eventually explained that the reason my lines fell down is because they didn't have this strong infrastructure. He could make me a line, but it'd be no better than mine unless I let him use concrete. I thought. I weighed it. I wanted a clothesline, but the responsibility of permanently marring the family land was greater. So it never happened. It's a case of if only I knew then what I know now as I've now helped take down and set up a pipe and concrete line. They're not so very permanent after all. ;)

Anyhoo-- I was very excited to see that Alex's house had poles for a laundry line! He had dug one up while working on the sewer system, but I eventually convinced him to set it back in and string me a few lines.

I used it well one summer. We both use it sporadically now. We mostly use it for stuff that would take a bajillion million tillion watts-- rugs, towels, comforters. I've been using it every weekend since Spring. It's one more excuse to move, one more reason to get some vitamin D. If you've been reading, you know I've been all about getting my vitamins the past several months.
wet laundry

No, that is not THE rug. That's a rug I've had since 2004 when I moved to Hattiesburg. THE rug is prettier.

So... to business...

Is your trigger finger ready?

Anchor two T-shaped bits of material (whatever's handy, metal will last) as you would a mailbox. Tie strong nylon ropes across.  Just start at the back of your property and work towards the house. I have three lines. Closer together means longer drying time.

Gather round. Gather round. Ima gonna tell ya what would take all of five minutes to figger out.

Ahem... Intimates... Since I live in a city and have neighbors, I do big flat things like towels on the back as a screen. Then... Ahem... 'intimates' go in the middle-middle.... in case some of the left or right neighbors are looking, I put something innocuous on the ends. Then, I put mostly big things on the front line facing the house.

Strategy. *nods*

Yah! Woo-hah~!
It's kinda romantical.

I don't know that you could call that middle one white. It needs to be cut up into rags.

I also make my own laundry detergent.

I forgot to wash whites last week so I hung a row catty-cornered. Do you say kitty-cornered and catty-cornered?--or something else? I've heard and read many varieties on this phrase
There are also a number of wild strawberries behind the clothesline.

Strange; isn't it? How when one knows what won's looking for, and where one might look for it, won tends to find onedrous things!

I've transplanted several into two baggies. Once I'm sure they'll make it, I plan to send them to my local forester, who helped me identify the plant.

This is what romaine going to seed looks like.

A close-up of the romaine flower... with an ickle wittle mite.

the strawberry patch (Birdie dug up part of my border.) the lettuce patch, and the clothesline [EDIT: And the youngest blueberry bush]

I have several gardenia bushes. The ones in one place are ending their bloom while the ones in another are beginning. They smell terrific.

Love and Cookies,


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