Monday, August 19, 2013

OFFICIAL WIFE: Recent Drafts

In chronological order of first draft since

Men and HillsJust a couple of memories, one from Baptist land and one from Ortho land, I see symmetry. Both were well-meaning guys that scared me bad.

Fasting (or not) Through the YearsTime to 'fess up; thangs ain't how they used to be-- and there's a twist.

Kinds of PrayingNot anything new as ideas in the church world but could be offensive

OW Reads: The Scent of Holiness
I've convinced myself that I'm going to offend people with this one so it may not get published. This is the opposite of "comments not welcome" should I get up the courage eventually. In fact, it'd be reassuring. I think the idea of OW Reads kinda thoughts on books posts is good, though, so I'm not empty handed for the time I put in.

Favorite Churches
I started this tonight, and it's nice light happy reading. This will definitely get published. Nothing to do with architecture, for people who might be confused.

Shout out to my Ortho Loot Droppin' Lady!



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