Saturday, May 4, 2013

This is the Sabbath

Right now is the Sabbath, the glorious day of the Lord's rest after creating the world, which is commemorated on Holy Saturday.  Pascha occurs just after midnight, when we impatiently greet the Risen Lord after finding His tomb empty.

Today is my Sabbath, and right now I am enjoying the liturgically prescribed wine and bread in the form of a beer, the great glorious combination of wine and bread.  Everything in the house is ready for tomorrow morning, when I will return, bright, tired, cranky, rejoicing, and above all, at peace following the celebration of the Resurrection.  Our pascha basket is prepared, filled with a combination of fresh fruit, cured meats, kulich, cheeses, salt, and butter.  We are prepared to recognize the glory of the Lord.  In my mind, I am pacing my restoration of the temple to its traditional layout following the procession.  I can usually manage to finish it by the second time the parish makes it around the church.

This morning we enjoyed the beautiful apprehension of anticipation, reliving the promise of the restoration to paradise and life eternal through the fifteen Old Testament readings, punctuated by the Song of Moses and the Song of the Three Youths.  This evening, we will meet the Messiah in Jerusalem.  Glory to Thy Resurrection, O Lord!

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