Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Glory to God in the highest. And on earth peace...

Thank God for the tubes of the internets.  This is my first blog focused on my faith.  My name is Alexander Ignatiev, and I am an Orthodox Christian member of Christ the Saviour Orthodox Church in McComb, Mississippi.  I live in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, with Official Wife(TM) Tina, and Official Dogs(TM) Ozzie and  Birdie, and Official Cats(TM) Kitteh, Whisky, Trotsky, and Beansidhe.  Together with about a dozen regulars, we have a small mission church, Holy Cross, which serves Divine Liturgy one Saturday a month and Reader's Vespers every Friday.

We are blessed to have Fr. Benedict Crawford as the full-time priest at Christ the Saviour, and as our priest at Holy Cross.  In this blog I hope to discuss the state of the Orthodox Church in Mississippi and the Deep South, and speak about my personal Orthodox journey.  I have spent my entire life in the Church, and most of my youth I was an altar server, beginning at age five in a ROCOR parish in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

I have sung in the choirs of churches belonging to four different Orthodox jurisdictions in America, and served in the altars of those four jurisdictions.  I have served at hierarchical liturgies, and reader's vespers alone.  I have been taught to be a reader by Archbishop Alypy (Gamanovich) of Chicago (ROCOR) but have never been tonsured.  I am married to an American Christian woman whose faith is the faith of Oliver Cromwell, but who appreciates my spiritual discipline and the fasting and prayer rules of the Orthodox faith.

This is my blog.

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